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marry the night.

patron saint of disenchanted fangirls

16 June
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The girl who stopped waiting:

Vanessa → Female. 21 years of age but mentally seven. Cuban American but British at heart. Forever single. Feminist. Probably queer. Currently agnostic. USDA approved space nerd complete with brainy specs. English major with horrible grammar. Aspiring screenwriter/director with an affinity for all things science-fiction. Always game for feminist discourse. Suffers from chronic bitch face.

Pairings: River Song/Eleven, Kirk/Spock, Arthur/Merlin, Sirius/Remus, Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers, Loki/Thor
Fandoms: Doctor Who, Star Trek, LOTR, Harry Potter, Merlin, DC Comics, Marvel Comics
Likes: The smell of new books, slash, Matt Smith's immaculate hair follicles, Celtic lore, space, boots and leather, collages, pop-art, Neil Gaiman, comics
Hates: Pretentious douche bags, public speaking, fandom wank, bugs, Stephanie Meyer

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