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17 May 2013 @ 03:13 am
She lives (but just barely)!  
Because I am free from the shackles of busywork/homework for the next three months, I'm probably going to steer clear of tumblr and find solace in LJ again. I realized how much time I actually waste on that website (who knew reblogging photographs and gifs of attractive dudes could be so entertaining?) and how much more TV/books/movies/comics I could be experiencing. And you know, writing. Yeah, so I guess that means I'm taking a tumblr hiatus to continue to eat shit in other, more acceptable ways and attempt to write again.

Makes perfect sense to me, I guess. I've already wasted two weeks and that's fine. Sometimes we just need to do absolutely nothing, wallow in self pity, eat way too many pizza rolls, develop a short attention span, and spend 20 hours on Dragon Age to regain our sanity from the pointless shit society has deemed necessary. I totally understand that now. I'm not supposed to have my entire life sorted out or even my career at 20 years old. Hell, there's people that never do. And that's fine. Why the fuck do I have to compare my progress with those around me? Of course I'll never add up, I'm a completely different person with different likes and dislikes and aspirations and demons to deal with.

A new motto/outlook on life/mantra was given to me very recently by the great musical poet Young Jeezy: "You do you, and Imma do me."
And that's exactly what I'm going to do. 
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